The knife sells the steak.

Stylish chef knives for pros and amateurs alike, defined by extraordinary Damascus Steel patterns and flowing shapes. Ergonomic handles made from ebony or oryx horn allow comfortable working in various gripping positions. The finely sculptured, smooth transition between blade and handle has no corners which are uncomfortable to grip or hard to keep clean.

Black Kitchen Mistress: The cutting core layer is made of extremely fine-grained file steel 1.2008, which is ground to a razor edge.

Silver Kitchen Mistress: The blades are forged from the powdermetallurgical Damasteel™, an easy-care stainless material with good cutting properties.

From this series, the following knives have recieved awards:
Black Kitchen Mistress XII: “Fixed-blade knife of the year 2010“, Knifemaker’s Show, Solingen (Germany).
Black Kitchen Mistress XV: “Best kitchen knife of the year 2010“, BKS Cutlery Days, Gembloux (Belgium).
Black Carver I: Accepted into the permanent ART AUREA Design & Crafts Collection

You can find a product information sheet and care instructions for Kitchen Mistress in the download section.